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              • Life- Get Amongst It
              • FamilySearch Digital Access in SAG Library
              • Croker Competition 2019
              • Annual Report & Meeting
              • Easter and Anzac Day closures

              SAG volunteers and staff were recently involved in a project to encourage seniors to take up new hobbies in their retirement.  See the video they made about the Society's work here 

              As an affiliate FamilySearch library we now have access at 379 Kent Street to nearly all digital collections on the FamilySearch website. Don't forget to keep checking the FamilySearch catalogue and if you see a key symbol above the digital camera icon we can probably give you access to that record in our library. 

              Entries for the 2019 Croker Prize for Biography are open.  You have until 31 May to submit your entry about A Woman of Influence - and you might just take home the $1000 prize money too!  Find out more here

              The Society's AGM will be held at 4.15pm on Saturday 11 May - see the official notice here  You can also download a full copy of our 2018 published accounts here.

              We will be closed on Friday 19 April (Good Friday) through to Monday 22 April for the Easter Break, reopening on Tuesday morning.  Our libraries are therefore CLOSED on Saturday 20 April. 

              We will also be CLOSED on Thursday 25 April for the Anzac Day public holiday.